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Joico Intense Treatment Menu - Luxury

4 Step Treatment: Indulge in a sense of pampering, allowing you to relax and enjoy our salon experience even more.

Professional in salon hair repair system dramatically enhances colour and lightening results. In only four steps, this treatment reconstructs, rebuilds and protects damaged hair for breathtakingly healthier-looking hair.

  • Enhances the performance of all colour and perming services
  • Reconstructs, rebuilds and protects damaged hair
  • Hair looks and feels better after one treatment
  • Instantly 2.7 x stronger hair

Transform damaged hair with the K-Pak Professional Hair Repair System

It’s the only in-salon treatment to contain the Hair Protection System, which restores hair’s stress manageability, replenishes hydration and balances porosity to actively rebuild damaged hair, increase shine, smoothness and strength – with instantly noticeable results. It ensures chemical treatments – colour services and permanent waves – are optimized, leaving hair more receptive to styling. It delivers the strongest, healthiest, most beautiful hair clients have ever experienced.

The Four Steps of the K-Pak Hair Repair System

1. Cleanse

Deep Cleansing Shampoo

1. Balance

Balances pH

1. Reconstruct

Strengthening & Restorative Treatment for Damaged Hair

1. Hydrate

Intense Nourishing Hydration for Dry Damaged Hair

Damaged Hair
Revive and rebuild hair from the inside out. Reduce breakage as tensile strength is restored and porosity is equalized.

Chemical Services/Colour Treated
For shinier and more vibrant colour that lasts longer. Make texture and straightening services look better and last longer.

Dry Hair
Get smoother, softer, shinier hair with replenished hydration levels.

Fine Hair
Hair with more body and life making more responsive to styling with longer-lasting styles.

Curly Hair
Revive hair, making it more resilient with long-lasting shine.

Joico Intense Treatment Menu - Intense

Defy damage for bond strengthening & colour longevity.

  • Instantly detangles leaving hair soft, shiny and healthy
  • Protective Shield: Guards against Thermal & UV damage
  • A true damage defence hero against the harsh effects of daily styling & exposure to UV & environmental pollution! This protective shield helps prevent damage & guards against colour fade for beautiful, vibrant, healthy-looking hair making hair 4x more resistant to breakage during heat styling
  • Used prior to styling, hair is fortified inside and out
  • Leaves hair soft, shiny, and healthy-looking
  • Helps to rebuild broken hair bonds
  • Deeply replenishes hair without weighing it down
  • See results after the very first treatment
  • Proactively builds hair’s resistance to damage
  • Leaves hair soft, shiny and healthy-looking
  • Can be purchased as an ‘At Home’ treatment along with other
    products in this range
  • Protective conditioner: Helps prevent daily damage & boost
    vital moisture

A rich, luxurious cleansing lather loaded with damage preventing ingredients gently and swiftly sloughs away dirt, impurities, and buildup without roughing up the hair cuticle or stripping vibrant colour. The result: shiny, smooth, clean strands that are wonderfully resilient and healthy-looking.

This powerful treatment goes deep to infuse hair with a brilliant, bondstrengthening defense system. The result: Less breakage, more protection from heat styling; and hair has instant softness and shine… the kind you can see and feel on contact.

Joico Intense Treatment Menu - Express

Lustre Lock K-Pak Color Therapy Instant Shine and Repair Treatment

Prepare yourself for lustre worthy locks. With just one treatment, this deep-repairing wonder unlocks out-of-this-world colour vibrancy, mirror-like shine, and strands that not only look healthier but are also stronger. A true hair-loving instant treatment for colour treated hair.

  • Boosts colour vibrancy
  • 9x stronger hair
  • 89% less breakage
  • Instantly healthier looking hair
  • Can be purchased as an ‘At Home’ treatment along with other products in this range

K-Pak Color Therapy Color Protecting Shampoo

Gentle to colour-treated hair. With its luscious lather, helps extend the life of your shade’s vibrancy and fight future damage every time you wash

  • Gently cleanses colour-treated hair
  • Improves elasticity & shine
  • Helps restore and protect hair

K-Pak Color Therapy Color Protecting Conditioner

It not only protects your colour investment, but hydrates and repairs hair at the same time

  • Helps restore and protect hair for vibrant, long-lasting hair color
  • Doubles hair resistance to breakage
  • Boosts shine
  • Helps hydrate hair and improves elasticity & manageability

K–Pak Colour Therapy Lustre Lock Multi–Perfector

Save the day with our “wonder spray for healthy-looking hair every day”! This silky leave-in treatment leaves behind an invisible-yet powerful shield of protection against styling stress, thermal damage, and UV exposure that can fade your hair colour. The other great benefit; soft, smooth-as-silk hair what an amazing shine. Locks in over 82% of colour vibrancy for up to 8 weeks.

  • 2x stronger hair
  • Protects from heat styling
  • Instant detangling
  • Controls frizz and boosts shine
  • UVA/UVB protection for hair colour

Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm

This Five-minute treatment is all it takes for this super-hydrating rescue worker to come to the aid of your hair. the ability to increase hair strength and reduce breakage whilst adding moisture and shine.

  • Replenishes lost moisture and deeply hydrates
  • Reduces breakage by up to 80%
  • Reduces frizz
  • Adds softness, shine, and movement.
  • Can be purchased as an ‘At Home’ treatment.

Along with other products in this range : These water-loving formulas help deeply quench the thirstiest strands with our bio diverse Hydramine Sea Complex, a sophisticated blend of land and sea in which botanicals and amino acids meet rich, nourishing botanical butters and oils.

Moisture Recovery Shampoo

  • Gently cleanses hair without stripping vital moisture
  • Helps replenish loss moisture
  • Restores smoothness & elasticity

Moisture Recovery Conditioner

  • This intensely hydrating conditioner easily detangles dry hair
  • Reduces breakage by up to 55%
  • Deeply nourishes dry-to-extremely dry hair
  • Adds softness, smoothness and shine

Product Testing Policy

Joico is committed to providing high quality safe products. Joico Laboratories does not use animal tests to confirm the safety of its products. Joico is certified by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as “Animal Test-Free” & “PETA Approved*.”